BreezeHOST:$2.98 256MB OpenVZ VPS


BreezeHOST 是家英国 VPS provider,2009年3月创立的,现在在 WHT 上打出半价优惠,使用优惠码:thebig10 就可以终身优惠50%,原价5.95美元的 VPS 只要$2.98,10美元的只要$5,还免费送一个叫做 ClixCP 的控制面板(没听过,不知道是什么东东,有个网友指出其实就是 SolusVM)。不过 WHT 和 LowEndBox 上有很多人抱怨他们的 VPS 服务慢,还有网友抱怨 BreezeHOST 的系统管理员什么也不懂(以下评论摘自

Pat wrote:
After I had a “talk” with their “Server Administrator” I now just hope he is not! Otherwise we are all screwed lol He has no idea about anything (well maybe about some things, but I highly doubt he is able to run servers in a way they should) So basically: Don’t expect anything, really and especially no support, it’s a lost bet right from the start..

yegle wrote:
Well…I found my account registered and payed yesterday now is gone.
I cannot login to, neither can I reset my password.
It’s totally a bullshit.

darky4 wrote:
Ordered an clixpro-1 about 10 hours ago – still waiting…

king wrote:
i still haven’t get my vps. i login to SolusVM but no virtual server there. i sent email. but no reply.

鉴于太多的负面评论,VPSee 不推荐这家 VPS provider,在这里拿出来是想做反面教材,在购买 VPS 之前要认真调查:1、不能贪图便宜(购买其他东西一样,不能用奇瑞的价格买宝马);2、要看这家公司背后的技术实力怎么样;3、看一下这家公司的业务跑了多长时间,尽量避免一些 “新” 的 VPS provider.

VPS 配置如下:

ClixPro-1 ClixPro-2
256MB Guaranteed RAM 512MB Guaranteed RAM
10GB 硬盘 20GB 硬盘
500GB 带宽 1000GB 带宽
$5.95 $10


BreezeHost Virtual Private Server nodes are powerful and underloaded with at least 12GB DDR2 RAM on a Intel Xeon Nehalem processor architecture to excel your VPS.