Hosting Scene:$9.95 256MB Xen VPS


Hosting Scene 2003年12月创立,提供域名注册、图片设计、网页设计、网站托管、VPS 等一系列服务,24×7 技术支持,30天 Money Back 保障。Hosting Scene 的前身是,不确定什么理由换了名字。VPS 配置和价格如下:

20GB 硬盘
256MB Guaranteed RAM,256MB Swap
200GB 带宽
2 IPs


All our servers feature powerful Intel Quad Core processors and a minimum of 4GB high-performance memory. Hosting Scene operates out of two centrally located datacenters in the United States which provide Tier-1 connectivity and subscribes to all major telecom providers. Our servers are configured with complete redundancy for additional security, reliability, and worry free web hosting.