Up2vps:$8.48 512MB Xen/256MB OpenVZ VPS


Up2vps 是一家加拿大 Hosting Provider,除了 VPS 外也做 Web Hosting, Reseller 等。 域名显示2009年9月才注册的,到现在还不到半年。数据中心在美国的 Clarks Summit,使用 Solusvm 控制面板,提供 OpenVZ 和 Xen 两种 VPS. 根据 WHT 论坛上提供的广告信息,他家的 VPS 现在都只要半价,而且楼主称他们家的 VPS 是 volumedrive.com 和 burst.net 的 reseller,从楼主回答客户的问题来看,楼主的母语似乎不是英语,甚至离普通英语都还有段距离,不知道 up2vps 如何与客户交流和提供顺畅的技术服务,甚至网站的 About 部分也是拷贝 volumedrive.com 的。VPS 配置如下:

OpenVZ Xen
256MB RAM/512Mb burst 512MB RAM/1024Mb Swap
20GB 硬盘 20GB 硬盘
400GB 带宽 500GB 带宽
$5.50 $8.48


All servers we configured as follows: Dual Opteron Quad Core 2356 or Intel Core i7 x8 CPU, 32 GB Or 12 GB Interleaved ECC server memory, 2 x TB hard drives, Hot-Swap Drives

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  1. 那么也就是说有点悬?
    Xen的机器这个价格 很不错啊

  2. 又在WHT上看到他们的AD了,还在坚持呢。

  3. Avoid these guys at all cost. Their service is crap: I experienced several outages with them over a 2 week period, for more than 10 hours of downtime. They do not stand by the 99.9% uptime SLA guarantee that they falsely claim on their website. They care more about getting and keeping your money than taking care of their customers.

    See the full story and my interactions with their tech support on my blog: